Clarifye: The Digital Eye Exam That Shows You More

Clarifye Digital Eye ExamRemember the last time you had your eyes examined? The archaic instrument you looked through with lots of dials and lenses and your doctor repeating “which is better, number 1 or number 2?” You probably had some anxiety whether you were giving the correct answers and were concerned you could end up with a prescription where you didn’t see your best. Well, Clarifye brings the eye exam into our digital age with technology that is so precise it helps reduce the guesswork of “which is better?”. Even before asking that initial question, your doctor already has a very good idea of your prescription.

Clarifye Digital Eye ExamClarifye scans the inside and outside structure of your eye, creating a precise digital fingerprint of your visual system. This detailed measurement pinpoints your initial prescription and provides us with five times more information (compared to previous exams) about the unique characteristics of your visual system. After the initial scan, your doctor will show you a side-by-side simulation of your current vision and your corrected vision so you will know exactly how much better you’ll be seeing with your new prescription. You’ll love your new view.

Clarifye is so precise, it can even help uncover differences in your day and night vision. Addressing those differences can mean crisper vision during the day with fewer starbursts and halos around lights at night. Helping you feel more confident when driving at night.

Finally, with our unique Clarifye software your doctor will also show you vision simulations, detailed photos and videos of specific eye conditions to give you a better understanding of your eye health and vision. What does all this mean for you? You’ll leave your eye exam knowing a lot more about your eyes than when you came in! We look forward to sharing this unique eye exam experience with you. Come SEE what Clarifye can do for you!

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